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Service support

Service support

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We sincerely provide customers with the following services:
R&D Design:Our company has many engineers who have specialized in research, development and design of pulp molds for decades, and will provide you with the optimized design scheme of paper tray products and pulp molds.
Precision Manufacturing:We keep improving, and strive for perfection, to better meet the machining requirements of customers. With our four precision CNC machining centers and more than 30 experienced processional technicians, the machining accuracy and timely delivery of molds can be ensured.
Quality Assurance:All of our molds shall be repeatedly tested on our own equipment, and cannot be delivered to customers until they have reached an ideal condition; we provide customers with paper tray mold accessories and follow-up services, to eliminate customers’ worries.
Confidentiality Assurance:All the mold design schemes and business information of customers will be kept confidentially by our company. We can sign confidentiality agreements with customers, to protect customers’ business secrets and intellectual properties.

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